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Important Notice Concerning Upcoming Shows:

The Vast Majority of Our Upcoming Shows are Private in Nature,  

Such As 

Corporate Conventions, Trade Shows, Client Recognition or Customer Appreciation Parties,

or Wedding-Related, Such As Ceremonies, Receptions,

Engagement Parties, Rehearsal Dinners, and Anniversary Parties, 

or Cruises which for Private Events are Invitation Only, 

or Senior-Related, such as at Senior Apartments, Community Centers,

Assisted Living, Nursing, Hospice,

or Rehabilitation facilities for their residents,

or in Private Homes for various Birthday,

Graduation, Retirement and Other Private Celebrations,

or Class Reunions, Holiday Parties,

Awards Shows, Charity Fundraisers by Invitation, 

or Casino High Roller Rewards Parties, 

or Private Country, Social and other Club Events, etc.


When We Do Have Upcoming Shows

That Are Open To The Public,

We Always Appreciate All Of Our Fans

Who Come to See Us and Support Our Mission

by Attending Our Public Performances.

Upcoming Events with The Rat Pack

                                                                                                                                                 Upcoming Events with The Rat Pack

The Best Way to Receive Updates on When and Where These Shows Will Occur,

Is Through Our Free Monthly Newsletter,

To Which You Can Subscribe by Visiting Our Home Page

and Looking On The Left Side Of The Page About Halfway Down.

There We Ask For Your First and Last Name and Your EMAIL ADDRESS.

Once Each Month Around The First Week We Send It Out,

and We Occasionally Get Bookings On Short Notice

That We Will Let You Know About During the Month.


Book us now for your next Upcoming Shows!

Call (513) 576- 9766, or Email us as Shown Below...


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    December 6, 2015 6:00 amPosted 5 years ago
    Carol Green

    Please add me to your mailing list. I clicked on calendar of upcoming shows and I got an error message saying I don’t have permission to view the calendar.

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      December 6, 2015 2:27 pmPosted 5 years ago
      Cincinnati Sinatra

      Hi Carol,
      Yes, we did the Indian Creek show Friday. It was a real gasser!
      This coming Saturday, 12-12-2015, we will be performing at the new Depot Barbecue Restaurant in the old train station in Madeira Ohio on Miami Road, from 6:30-9:30PM.
      Hope to see you then!
      Great food and drinks, and reasonable.
      Owners Kristi and Andy Benson are friends of mine.

      Thanks for staying in touch!
      Matt Snow
      513 576 9766

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    October 9, 2017 9:24 pmPosted 3 years ago
    Mike H

    Please add me to your mailing list … do you ever make it up to Columbus?

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      October 9, 2017 11:47 pmPosted 3 years ago
      Cincinnati Sinatra

      Thanks Mike, You are added! Yes, we play often in Columbus Ohio, mostly at private events. We are doing a private corporate event there on December 7th this year.

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    February 25, 2018 2:37 pmPosted 3 years ago
    mark tatone

    Hi Matt, it was great seeing you last night.
    The show was Great.
    It is a crazy and very small world when you can run into your cousin who you haven’t seen in a very long time at a birthday celebration, who is the main entertainment of the night.
    My phone is still blowing up from my family to whom I sent pictures and video of you singing.
    All the family sends their best to you.
    Again Great Show.
    And Great seeing you.

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      February 26, 2018 2:15 pmPosted 3 years ago
      Cincinnati Sinatra

      Thanks so much for your kind remarks, Cous!
      It was very nice running into you and your wife at Doug’s 30-60-90 Party, and we hope to see you again soon.
      Please give my best to Uncle Paul and the rest of your family,
      God bless,

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    August 9, 2019 11:49 pmPosted 2 years ago
    Tichina Redd

    Inquiring about booking a performance with you. I am the wellness coordinator at a nursing home in the Dayton area, interested in booking a Sinatra impersonator for our happy hour on 8/30/19 for the senior citizens

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      August 10, 2019 1:36 pmPosted 2 years ago
      Cincinnati Sinatra

      Hi Tichina, Please give me a call, so I can ask you a few questions about your party. Once I know enough of the details I will be happy to offer a complete proposal including pricing. Matt at 513 576 9766, Thanks!

  • December 18, 2020 2:15 pmPosted 9 months ago
    Karen Amend

    Let’s stay in touch for the time when we can highlight your show and support your work with freewill do9nations.

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      December 18, 2020 10:58 pmPosted 9 months ago
      Cincinnati Sinatra

      Thanks Karen, I look forward to it! Merry Christmas to all of you and the Little Sisters, and God bless us all, everyone!


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