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Matt, What Kind Of Services Do You Offer?

We provide four types of entertainment services for all kinds of events and venues!

  1. Tribute Artists/Celebrity Look-A-Likes/Impersonators who can do meet’n’greet, mix’n’mingle, and pose for pics, and/or sing with a sound system and backing tracks at your event!
  2. Same as #1 but we add Live Musicians and supply all needed Musical Instrumentation and Equipment for any event!
  3. Same as #1 or #2, but we add Professional Dance Instruction to your Dance Party Event!
  4. Same as any of the above, but we add Casino Gaming Personnel and Equipment to your Monte Carlo Gaming Event!


How Much Do You Charge?

Our Pricing Depends on Several Factors!

such as

Pre-Event Consultation and Preparation Time,

Timeline and Soundtrack Creation Time,

Music Acquisition Costs,

Travel, Lodging, Ground Transportation, Parking, Meals,

Rehearsal Time,

Time and Difficulty of Set-Up and Removal of Equipment,

Sound and Lighting Requirements,

Number and Type of Personnel On Duty, and

Duration on Duty.

We have done small simple shows for a few hundred dollars,

and large complex productions with big bands and multiple performers for many thousands of dollars, and everything in between.

Because every event we do is customized to the wishes of our clients, we provide price quotations upon request, after we have a brief phone conversation with the client.

Look over these packages for ideas, then give us a call!


[dcs_p]Wedding Planner and Packages [/dcs_p]

[dcs_p]Senior Living Facility Packages [/dcs_p]

[dcs_p]Open-To-The-Public Event Packages [/dcs_p]

[dcs_p]Private Event Packages [/dcs_p]

[dcs_p]Charitable Event Packages [/dcs_p]



How Do You Accept Payment?


We ask for a 50% Retainer/Deposit with your authorization on our Agreement

to secure the booking, lock in the event date, and begin the Consultation and Preparation work,

with the balance due upon our arrival at the venue on the day of the event.

We Accept Cash or Checks, and when the event is well into the future we offer a 5% Pre-payment Discount for bookings that are paid in full at the time of the Agreement.

We also can accept Major Credit Cards and Paypal, but there will be a 3% Upcharge by the Card Processor.



Do You Provide A Written Service Agreement?

Yes, always!

Many times we enter into booking agreements months or years in advance of the event date,

and we have found that sometimes memories fade over time,

and the best way to insure that we and our client have a clear understanding of each party’s responsibilities,

is to have a simple, clear written understanding, with both parties having their copy of it for future reference.



Do You Require a Deposit to Secure Our Booking?

Yes, and here’s why!

Many Events require Up-Front Expenditures such as Travel Costs, Lodging Reservations, Music Acquisition, Other Performer Deposits, Equipment Rental, Etc.

Plus, generally it takes us At Least Twice As Long in Man Hours to do the Preparation as it does to Actually Perform the Service Onsite,

so we typically ask for a Retainer/Deposit of 50% of the total due, to secure the booking, lock in the event date, and to begin work on the project.



Do You Carry Business Liability and Worker’s Compensation Insurance?

Yes, Both!

Copies of our Certificates of Coverage are available upon request.



Can You Provide References From Your Previous Clients?

We are Proud of our References, Reviews, Testimonials and Awards!

And our Collection of Over 100 recent 5 Star Ratings from our delighted clients!



Can You Supply Us With a Form W-9 For Our  Accountant?

Yes, upon request!

These are generally needed by our Corporate clients when the annual amount they spend with us exceeds $600,

and they plan on writing the amount off as a business expense.



Are You Willing To Travel? 

Yes, anywhere!

Our Local Pricing is figured on the assumption that there will be no

equipment rental,  airfare, lodging or ground transportation upcharges within the Greater Cincinnati Area.

We do, however, travel a great deal due to the uniqueness and demand for our services,

and we can easily and quickly quote reasonable pricing for any client anywhere.

Just give us a call!



Will You Do Performances In Private Residences?

Yes, Love to!

We do these type events all over the country every year.

Nothing is more impressive to your guests than having live entertainment for your special occasion. WOW!



How Much Space Do You Need To Set Up?

This varies by Venue and by Type of Performance!

We can do a small show in someone’s home by setting up a sound system and a stack of speakers in a corner, taking up only about 4 square feet of floor space!

We also can do a 17pc Big Band Orchestra Concert Performance which requires staging floor space about 30 feet wide and 18 feet deep.

We also do shows everywhere between these two extremes, so

It’s best to discuss your venue and type of performance with us and let us guide you with our experience.

We may be able to look at the venue with you in advance of the date, or via drawings provided by the venue online.



What Electricity Requirements Do You Need For Your Equipment?

We usually need only the same kind of outlet you might use to plug in your TV set or Microwave Oven!

Occasionally we do large outdoor events or indoor major productions needing a generator or additional electric outlets for larger sound systems.

We’ll let you know if more is needed during our quotation process, when we discuss the venue and staging area.



What If Our Event Is Planned For Outdoors?

Electricity and Weather are the Two Main Issues!

If no electricity is available onstage, we can either bring large extension cables and run electric from a nearby building,

or arrange to rent a generator to create the power needed for operating our equipment.

Regarding Weather, if you have an alternate staging location indoors in the event of inclement weather,

then we just consult with you and jointly make the call, inside or outside, the day of the event when we arrive, prior to load-in and set-up of our equipment.

If moving the event indoors is not an option,

it is best to have a plan for the staging area to be covered and protected against our people and equipment being harmed in the case of a storm coming through.



Are You Willing To Do Cruises?

Yes, we love Cruising with our Clients!

In fact, we have Relationships with Great Folks who Own Cruise Boats, Yachts and Ships,

and if you like we can help you Select the Perfect One and work with you on a Plan for the Whole Cruise.

We can even do a Series of Daily Shows over a period of Many Days, with each one being Totally New!

Cruisin’ with The Rat Pack? How Cool Is That!????!


Can You Do Non-Rat Pack Performances, Like Jazz Singing At A Wedding Reception Cocktail/Dinner Hour? 

You Bet!

We often perform out of character when the situation requires it.

Not every event is conducive to having the Tribute Artists, Impersonators or Celebrity Look-A-Likes on hand.

Certain Events put the spotlight on the Guests of Honor, not the performers, and we understand this.

For example, maybe at your wedding YOU want to be the Star! No problem at all.

Let us provide a great low key entertainment service as a background enhancement rather than a “Show.”

Remember, our Goal is to make You look good to your friends, family, clients, employer, etc.

We will Partner with You to create what You want, the way You want it.





Book us Now and Lock in Your Date Before Someone Else Snatches it Away!

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  1. Having 40th birthday party for my husband. The party is not a surprise but would love to throw in a surprise. Do you do short home events? The party is scheduled for 10/5 in the Hyde Park area. If available, what is the rate?


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