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Fly Me To The Moon

[audio:|titles=Fly Me To The Moon|autostart=no]

New York, New York

[audio:|titles=New York New York|autostart=no]

Summer Wind

[audio:|titles=Summer Wind|autostart=no]

Luck Be A Lady

[audio:|titles=Luck Be A Lady|autostart=no]

It Was A Very Good Year

[audio:|titles=It Was A Very Good Year|autostart=no]

Lady Is A Tramp

[audio:|titles=Lady Is A Tramp|autostart=no]

All The Way

[audio:|titles=All The Way|autostart=no]

I've Got You Under My Skin

[audio:|titles=I've Got You Under My Skin|autostart=no]

One For My Baby

[audio:|titles=One For My Baby|autostart=no]    

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    September 6, 2011 1:12 pmPosted 9 years ago
    Michael Sutherland

    Hell MAtt you’re pretty good! I’m impressed. There’s alot of really bad Sinatra guys out there……. we should get together sometime.

    Michael new number 772-342-5430


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