[dcs_p]Fly Me To The Moon[/dcs_p]

[audio:http://d1yqrss5rbcw33.cloudfront.net/Matt-+Fly+Me+To+The+Moon.mp3|titles=Fly Me To The Moon|autostart=no]

[dcs_p]New York, New York[/dcs_p]

[audio:http://d1yqrss5rbcw33.cloudfront.net/Matt-+Theme+from+_New+York%2C+New+Y.mp3|titles=New York New York|autostart=no]

[dcs_p]Summer Wind[/dcs_p]

[audio:http://d1yqrss5rbcw33.cloudfront.net/Summer_Wind.mp3|titles=Summer Wind|autostart=no]

[dcs_p]Luck Be A Lady[/dcs_p]

[audio:http://d1yqrss5rbcw33.cloudfront.net/Matt-+Luck+Be+A+Lady.mp3|titles=Luck Be A Lady|autostart=no]

[dcs_p]It Was A Very Good Year[/dcs_p]

[audio:http://d1yqrss5rbcw33.cloudfront.net/ItWasAVeryGoodYear_Matt.mp3|titles=It Was A Very Good Year|autostart=no]

[dcs_p]Lady Is A Tramp[/dcs_p]

[audio:http://d1yqrss5rbcw33.cloudfront.net/Matt-+Lady+Is+A+Tramp.mp3|titles=Lady Is A Tramp|autostart=no]

[dcs_p]All The Way[/dcs_p]

[audio:http://d1yqrss5rbcw33.cloudfront.net/Matt-+All+The+Way.mp3|titles=All The Way|autostart=no]

[dcs_p]I’ve Got You Under My Skin[/dcs_p]

[audio:http://d1yqrss5rbcw33.cloudfront.net/Matt-+I%27ve+Got+You+Under+My+Skin.mp3|titles=I’ve Got You Under My Skin|autostart=no]

[dcs_p]One For My Baby[/dcs_p]

[audio:http://d1yqrss5rbcw33.cloudfront.net/OneForMyBaby_Matt.mp3|titles=One For My Baby|autostart=no]



2 thoughts on “Audio Samples

  1. Hell MAtt you’re pretty good! I’m impressed. There’s alot of really bad Sinatra guys out there……. we should get together sometime.

    Michael new number 772-342-5430

  2. Hi Matt!

    We are always looking for new entertainment here at West Chester Assisted Living and Memory Care. My dates in March are filling up but would love to have you sometime during the week. Except on March 4,12,18, and 23. Please let me know.

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