-Every Great Motion Picture Has a Great Soundtrack-

Let Us Create Your Event Soundtrack!

So Now you Have a Great Concept, a Location, a Cast of Characters, a Script, Lights, Camera, Catering,…

All you are Missing is Great Musical Accompaniment Appropriate to Each Mood you are Trying to Convey.

That’s Right, your “Movie” has Different “Scenes” Each Requiring Different Mood Music,

and that’s where we come in.

Matt and his Team of Entertainers and Musicians Collectively Know and can Perform

Thousands of the Greatest Songs Ever Written, and have Great Composers and Arrangers,

as well as Access to Millions of Recorded Songs in Every Genre.

With Over Forty Five Years in Show Business and Live Events,

we can Custom-Design the Musical Selections to fit every Moment of the Occasion.

We Start with your Ideas about Musical Genre and your Specifically Requested Songs, then

We Actually Acquire all Needed Music, Create Compact Discs for the Recorded Music,

and Playlists with Orchestral Charts for the Musicians for the Live Performance Music,

and Weave them Together in an Order which Matches Up with Each Special “Scene,” or Moment, of the Event.

All That is Left is for The Big Day To Arrive, which is When We Really Shine…

The Premiere, ShowTime!, or, as we say, Implementation.

See the Last Step:

[dcs_p] Implementation [/dcs_p]

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